The Financial Realities Faced by Track and Field Athletes

German 400m runner Alica Schmidt, dubbed the “world’s sexiest athlete,” has recently opened up about the financial struggles she faces as an athlete. Despite her success in the track and field world, including competing in the 2020 Olympics, Schmidt’s income as an athlete is far from glamorous.

In a candid video shared on TikTok, Schmidt shed light on the financial realities that many track and field athletes in Germany face. She emphasized that it is not easy for most German athletes to make a living solely from sports. As part of the national team, she receives only €700 (£611) from Sporthilfe.

For athletes striving to reach the top of their sport, financial sacrifices are often necessary. Schmidt revealed that many athletes end up having to pay out of their own pockets for travel and hotel expenses when competing, which further adds to the financial burden. As a result, earning a steady income from athletics alone is a challenge.

To make ends meet, most of Schmidt’s peers are forced to take on part-time jobs or pursue further studies. For Schmidt, her social media presence has become a significant source of income. With millions of followers on Instagram and TikTok, she has been able to monetize her online following.

Schmidt expressed her gratitude for the financial stability that social media has provided her, stating that it has allowed her to save herself from taking on a part-time job. While she didn’t disclose her exact earnings from social media, it’s clear that this avenue has given her financial security in addition to her athletic pursuits.

Despite being just 24 years old and having her peak athletic years ahead of her, Schmidt is already planning for her future. She is currently studying media and communications management, setting herself up for a successful career beyond track and field.

Alica Schmidt’s story sheds light on the financial challenges faced by many athletes, even those who have reached the highest levels of competition. It highlights the importance of financial planning and finding alternative income sources for athletes to secure their future livelihoods.

As we celebrate the achievements of elite athletes, it’s crucial to remember the financial realities they face behind the scenes. Schmidt’s honesty about her financial situation serves as a reminder that there is room for improvement in terms of financial support and opportunities for athletes to ensure they receive fair compensation for their dedication and hard work.