James Gunn Responds To Fan Criticism Over DCU Plans

James Gunn Responds To Fan Who Called Him A Liar Over DCU Plans

James Gunn, the director behind the upcoming DC Universe films, recently responded to a fan who accused him of lying about the coherence of the DC Universe (DCU). The fan questioned Gunn’s claims of a cohesive DCU after noticing various DC films being released on different platforms.

Gunn clarified that the distribution of DC projects across multiple platforms was aimed at making the stories accessible to a wider audience. He emphasized that this distribution strategy did not undermine the overall coherence of the DCU timeline. He used the example of “Merry Little Batman,” an animated kids’ movie, which had been in production before he joined. Gunn explained that such Elseworld animated projects would continue to be made alongside the main continuity.

It’s important to distinguish between the coherence of the story and the distribution of the DCU. Gunn’s upcoming films are yet to be released, and while some actors from previous DC movies will be part of the new story, no project under Gunn’s direction has been released yet. Gunn clarified that the decision to release an animated Batman movie on Amazon was not made by him.

The new DCU is expected to be both more cohesive and less cohesive than previous cinematic universes like the MCU. Gunn revealed that actors who play live-action roles would also voice their characters in animated series and video games, creating a level of continuity not commonly seen before. However, Elseworlds projects, which exist outside the main continuity, will also be a regular occurrence, as seen with Robert Pattinson’s Batman under Matt Reeves.

While the first chapter of the DCU won’t be part of the 2024 movie schedule, as “Superman: Legacy” is set for release in the summer of 2025, excitement for the future of the DCU is growing. It’s inevitable that criticism will continue, but at least it will be based on the actual material and not just speculation.

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