When Cheating Tears a Family Apart

Infidelity in a marriage can lead to a painful divorce, especially when it affects not just the couple but their entire family. One woman shared her heartbreaking story on Reddit, explaining how her cheating husband not only betrayed her but also poisoned their daughter against her. Now, years later, the daughter is reaching out for financial help, but the mother has one condition before she provides any assistance.

The woman, who is now 45 years old, shared her story on the ‘Am I the A******’ subreddit. She married a wealthy man who seemed generous and caring at first. He showered her family with gifts, helped her siblings out of financial trouble, and even got her brother a great job. But behind the scenes, his generosity was masking a darker side.

When their daughter, Kelly, was only a few weeks old, the mother discovered her husband’s first affair. Despite her doubts and pain, she listened to her family’s advice and stayed with him. However, when Kelly was 12 years old, the mother caught her husband cheating again. This time, she refused to be convinced to stay for the sake of their child’s stability.

The woman’s family, who were traditional conservatives concerned about public scandal, urged her to forgive her husband once again. But she stood her ground and decided to proceed with the divorce. It was a difficult decision, especially since her own family and in-laws were pressuring her to stay for financial gains. But she knew that she had to prioritize her own well-being and happiness.

In court, her husband used his wealth and powerful lawyers to win full custody of Kelly. The mother was devastated to lose her daughter, but she was able to secure a nice settlement and some alimony. Meanwhile, her brother, who had supported her ex-husband, faced the consequences when he lost his job. The mother focused on rebuilding her life and relied on her best friend, Tina, and her goddaughter, Laura, for support.

Over the years, the mother tried her best to maintain a connection with Kelly, but her daughter had been poisoned against her by their family members. Kelly believed that the mother was the bad guy, and she even told the courts that she didn’t want to see her mother anymore. It was a heartbreaking situation for the mother, but she continued to reach out, hoping for a chance to rebuild their relationship.

Then, disaster struck for her ex-husband. He was sued by a former employee and lost his job. To maintain his lavish lifestyle, he drained Kelly’s college fund. Suddenly, Kelly remembered that she had a mother who could financially assist her. The mother was hurt that her daughter’s sole motivation seemed to be money, but she agreed to cover her expenses on one condition.

The mother asked Kelly to sign an agreement stating that she would not contest the mother’s will, which intended to leave most of her belongings to Laura, her goddaughter. Despite the objections from relatives who believed it would damage the chances of rebuilding a relationship with Kelly, the mother didn’t want a relationship that was based on financial transactions.

Seeking advice from Reddit, the mother asked if she was wrong for leaving everything to her goddaughter instead of her daughter. The online community overwhelmingly supported the mother, saying that she was not in the wrong. They recognized that the daughter had only shown interest in her mother when she needed financial assistance for college.

One commenter warned the mother not to set herself up for heartbreak, as her daughter may disappear again once her university fees were paid off. Another suggested that perhaps the daughter reaching out was a sign of maturity and realization of what she had lost. However, the mother remained skeptical, based on their limited conversations, which mainly revolved around Kelly’s financial concerns.

This heartbreaking story showcases the devastating impact of infidelity on a family. It serves as a reminder that money and material possessions should not be the foundation of a parent-child relationship. Trust, love, and genuine connection are far more valuable than any financial transaction.