Midnight Kiss on New Year’s Eve Sparks Online Debate

Midnight on New Year’s Eve is a magical time, filled with love and hope for the year to come. It’s a moment when people around the world share a kiss with someone they love. And usually, news channels capture these beautiful moments as they broadcast live from crowded areas where people gather to celebrate the new year’s countdown.

But this year, something extraordinary happened. CNN, one of the leading news channels in the United States, showed a passionate kiss between an interracial same-sex couple right after the ball dropped in New York City’s Times Square. The moment was captured on live TV, hosted by Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen.


Little did they know, this kiss would spark a heated debate online. Some people flocked to social media to express their excitement and appreciation for the representation of queer love on television. “Gay people watch straights kiss on TV every day. Get over it and get used to it,” one person wrote. Another added, “Wishing you all a happy planet fitness CNN interracial gay kiss New Year!”

However, as with anything that challenges the status quo, there were also those who expressed their unhappiness. Some users predicted the outrage, saying, “CNN’s first shot after the ball drop appears to be an interracial gay kiss. The outrage will be hilarious.” These individuals propagated homophobic rhetoric, criticizing the image and scene that CNN displayed.

But amidst the controversy, there were voices of reason. Many pointed out that Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen are openly gay themselves. As they were the hosts of the show, viewers should already be comfortable with LGBTQ+ individuals, and there should be no need to make an issue out of it.

CNN’s decision to broadcast the two men kissing sent a clear message. They knew there would be backlash, but they chose to ignore it and do what they felt was right. They were simply showing images of couples sharing affection, and the interracial same-sex couple was included in that representation.

Homophobia has no place in the world anymore. We should all strive to accept and love one another, regardless of our differences. Let’s embrace the diversity in our society and celebrate love in all its forms.

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