This May Be The Worst Guess In Wheel Of Fortune History

If someone is a contestant on a game show and ends up doing well on the show, he or she probably goes home and tells everyone they know to tune in to watch the show. They tell friends, family, coworkers, and anyone who happens to see them post about it on social media. They probably even tell random people they encounter in stores or on the street.

When someone is a contestant on a game show and ends up making a fool out of themselves, do they still tell everyone they know to watch the show? That’s a hard question to answer, but there’s one guy who probably knows the answer, a contestant named Matt on the game show “Wheel of Fortune.”

Matt’s performance on “Wheel of Fortune” is actually kind of complicated. He ended up being the big winner on his particular episode of the show, so with that knowledge alone, it could be safe to assume that he felt good about how he did on the show. Perhaps, but even winning $23,350 like Matt did doesn’t make up for a huge blunder he made when guessing an answer to one of the puzzles.

There were three words in the puzzle. The category was “people.” It was Matt’s turn to ask for a letter on the board. He asked for the letter “N.” There were three N’s in the puzzle’s answer.

Then it was Matt’s turn to guess the answer to the puzzle. He thought for a second and then stated his answer, an answer which didn’t even include the letter “N” in any of the words.

Here’s what the puzzle looked like:

T H _ N _ _ T

_ _ N _ R _ T _ _ N

Do you know the answer to the puzzle? Matt didn’t. Watch the video below to hear his guess and to hear the correct answer.