R.I.P To The Best Shows Canceled By Netflix In 2023

R.I.P To The Best Shows Canceled By Netflix In 2023

Saying goodbye to some incredible shows.

Netflix has always been a source of great entertainment, but it’s not without its fair share of surprises. Unfortunately, 2023 was a year filled with cancellations as some of the best shows on the platform bid farewell. Let’s take a moment to remember and honor these gone-too-soon series.

1899 (Canceled After 1 Season)

Netflix began 2023 by canceling “1899,” a time-twisting and horror-leaning mystery from the creators of “Dark.” With mind-bending twists and turns, the show’s first season left viewers hungry for more. Sadly, despite promising early numbers, the show’s budget and viewership didn’t align, leading to its cancellation.

Shadow And Bone (Canceled After 2 Seasons)

Based on the bestselling novels, “Shadow and Bone” promised to be a long-running fantasy series. The creator even mentioned plans for a spinoff. However, the second season’s chances were dashed by the entertainment industry strikes, which ultimately led to the show’s cancellation.

Freeridge (Canceled After 1 Season)

“Freeridge,” a spinoff of the popular teen dramedy “On My Block,” failed to capture enough attention despite its positive reviews. The show’s cancellation came just two months after its debut, leaving fans disappointed.

Inside Job (Canceled After 1 Season)

“Inside Job,” an adult animated comedy with an impressive voice cast and a dedicated fanbase, was canceled despite a Season 2 renewal order. Just three months after the second half of Season 1 was released, Netflix made the unexpected decision to cancel the show.

Lockwood & Co. (Canceled After 1 Season)

“Lockwood & Co.,” based on the beloved supernatural detective book series, captivated critics and fans alike with its gripping storytelling. However, the show failed to attract enough viewers in its first month, leading to its cancellation.

While these were some of the biggest and best shows that faced cancellation news, they were not the only ones. Here is a more comprehensive list of shows canceled by Netflix in 2023:

  • The Chair (Cancelled After 1 Season)
  • Dead End: Paranormal Park (Cancelled After 2 Seasons)
  • Uncoupled (Cancelled After 1 Season, But Saved By Showtime)
  • Juvenile Justice (Cancelled After 1 Season)
  • Hot Skull (Cancelled After 1 Season)
  • Ridley Jones (Cancelled After 5 Seasons)
  • Young Wallander (Cancelled After 2 Seasons)
  • Sex/Life (Cancelled After 2 Seasons)
  • Bling Empire (Cancelled After 3 Seasons)
  • Bling Empire: New York (Cancelled After 1 Season)
  • Smiley (Cancelled After 1 Season)
  • Rebelde (Cancelled After 2 Seasons)
  • Man Vs. Bee (Cancelled After 1 Season)
  • In Love All Over Again (Cancelled After 1 Season)
  • Sky High: the Series (Cancelled After 1 Season)
  • Welcome To Eden (Cancelled After 2 Seasons)
  • Snowflake Mountain (Cancelled After 1 Season)
  • Hard Cell (Cancelled After 1 Season)
  • Wellmania (Cancelled After 1 Season)
  • Glamorous (Cancelled After 1 Season)
  • Farzar (Cancelled After 1 Season)
  • Captain Fall (Cancelled After 1 Season)
  • Agent Elvis (Cancelled After 1 Season)
  • Invisible City (Cancelled After 2 Seasons)
  • In From The Cold (Cancelled After 1 Season)

While it’s sad to see these shows go, let’s keep our fingers crossed for new and exciting projects coming up in the 2024 TV premiere schedule..

Nick Venable