The Sprouse Twins: A Look at Their Lives Today

The Sprouse Twins today: Inside their life now, at 30

Dylan and Cole Sprouse, the adorable twin boys who won our hearts with their charming performance in the movie Big Daddy, have grown up to be handsome 30-year-old men. While they may not be as attached as they were in their early careers, they remain very close.

Born in 1992, these blond boys started sharing roles in commercials, TV, and film when they were just 8 months old. As identical twins, they became a valuable resource in Hollywood, where child labor laws limit the working hours of young actors. The Sprouse twins quickly became a sought-after duo, just like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen from Full House.

Their breakout role came in the TV comedy series Grace Under Fire, where they played the son of Brett Butler’s leading character from 1993 to 1998. Watching them grow up on screen was truly extraordinary.

But it was their performance as Adam Sandler’s adopted son in Big Daddy that stole the show. With their perfectly timed lines and playful antics, they won over audiences everywhere. Cole spoke highly of Sandler, admiring his ability to balance art and commerce in his career.

In the early 2000s, Cole took on a solo role in the hit TV series Friends, playing Ben, the young son of Ross Gellar. This was the first time the brothers worked separately, and Cole fondly remembers the episode called “The One with the Holiday Armadillo” for its memorable costumes and special effects. He also admits to having a big crush on his co-star, Jennifer Aniston.

Despite their individual pursuits, the twins reunited in 2002 for the film Master of Disguise, playing the young Pistachio Disguisey. However, it was their roles as Zach and Cody in The Suite Life of Zach & Cody that propelled them to teen heartthrob status. The Disney show ran for three seasons and led to other exciting opportunities.

Following the end of The Suite Life, both Dylan and Cole enrolled at New York University, taking a break from acting to pursue their interests. After graduating in 2015, Cole returned to television, starring as Jughead Jones in the popular series Riverdale, while Dylan voices video game characters and co-founded a craft brewery in Brooklyn.

Today, Cole is dating French-Canadian model Ari Fournier, and Dylan is engaged to Sports Illustrated model Barbara Palvin. They are both carving their own paths and exploring their individual interests. The twins have come a long way since their debut in Big Daddy, and we can’t wait to see what they do next!

The Sprouse Twins - Dylan and Cole