Dennis Quaid: From Hollywood Star to Gospel Songwriter

Dennis Quaid wrote a Christian gospel song about heaven for his mother's 91st birthday

You may know Dennis Quaid as a versatile actor, but did you know that he’s also a musician? At 67 years old, Quaid draws inspiration from his faith in Christianity to create beautiful music. One special song he wrote was for his mother, as a promise he made to her long ago.

Growing up in a Southern Baptist church, Quaid’s spiritual journey began at a young age. However, as a teenager, he became disillusioned and explored Eastern religions and philosophies. But no matter where he looked, he found himself continuously drawn back to Christianity. He believes that we are all spiritual beings, whether we realize it or not, and he uses his music to speak to the connection between individuals and God.

In 2018, Quaid wrote an original song called “On My Way to Heaven” for the faith-based film I Can Only Imagine, in which he also starred. This song was a tribute to his mother, fulfilling the promise he made to write her a gospel song. It beautifully captures his personal beliefs about the afterlife:

“My life may not be roses, But still I’m gonna be alright. Long as I got my Savior by my side, He freed me from the heavy chains, That had bound my broken heart. Picked me up, gave me a brand new start. Now I’m on my way to Heaven, On my way to Heaven. I’m on my way to Heaven, So I can’t be stayin’ long…”

Quaid’s love and admiration for his mother is evident in every line of this heartfelt song. He plans to release an inspirational album later this year, where he will share more of his musical talent and faith with the world.

We often see celebrities under the spotlight for their acting skills or personal lives, but it’s truly inspiring to see someone like Dennis Quaid proudly share his faith. In a world where religion can be seen as controversial, it takes courage to openly express one’s beliefs. Let us celebrate this beautiful story and the wonderful song that came from it.