Keith Urban: Finding What Matters in Life

Keith Urban, the talented country star, recently opened up about the transformative impact of his marriage to Nicole Kidman and becoming a father. In a candid interview, Urban shared his struggles with addiction, how his priorities have shifted, and the joy he finds in his family life.

Embracing Change and Priorities

Throughout his early career, Urban faced battles with addiction, entering rehab multiple times. However, everything changed when he married Kidman in 2006. Reflecting on their relationship, Urban humorously remarked, “I’d like to stay married” when responding to a party invitation.

Urban admitted that in the past, he used to weigh the pros and cons of his actions and often chose to pursue them, despite potential consequences. But with Kidman by his side, he gained a newfound perspective. He confessed, “Night-time me hates daytime me, it’s so true. But the next morning, night-time me is nowhere to be found — he’s totally unaccountable.”

Focus on Family

Today, Urban’s main focus is on his children, Sunday and Faith, aged 13 and 11. He described how his life has changed, stating, “Life is very different nowadays. I’m trying to set a good example for the kids, but I still don’t know if I’m getting it right.” As a supportive parent, Urban encourages his children to pursue their passions and work hard to achieve their dreams. He shared, “Both Nic and I worked really hard. For me, it was like paying dues twice. Luckily, things worked out a second time.”

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban during

Overcoming Challenges

Urban’s journey to sobriety and self-discovery was not easy. He revealed that growing up in an alcoholic household strongly influenced his own struggles. However, he rarely discusses his experiences openly, as he believes in providing an enjoyable experience for his audience. Urban humorously expressed, “I’ve nothing against drugs or alcohol. Everyone does what they want to do to have a great time. I just realized I’m allergic to it. Someone said, ‘You have an allergy? What happens when you drink?’ And I said, ‘I break out in cuffs.’”

Supporting Each Other

Just as Urban credits Kidman for her unwavering support, Kidman admires Urban’s dedication. In March, Urban flew from Las Vegas to Los Angeles to accompany Kidman to the Oscars, where she was nominated for her performance in “Being the Ricardos.” This display of love and support shows the strength of their relationship.

A Message of Hope

In sharing his personal struggles and successes, Keith Urban offers a message of hope to his fans. He encourages them to embrace change, prioritize what truly matters, and strive to achieve their dreams. With a grateful heart, Urban acknowledges the impact of his wife and children on his life. As he continues his musical journey, he remains dedicated to being a loving husband, father, and role model.