David Schwimmer remembers Matthew Perry: A Tribute to a Beloved Friends Co-Star

Matthew Perry, the beloved Friends actor who passed away at his Los Angeles home on October 28 at the age of 54, continues to be remembered and honored by his co-stars. Today, David Schwimmer, who played Ross on the iconic sitcom, shared his heartfelt tribute to Perry.

Schwimmer, now 57, took to social media to post a photo of himself with Perry on the set of Friends, accompanied by a touching message. He began by expressing his gratitude for the ten incredible years of laughter and creativity that Perry brought to their lives. Schwimmer praised Perry’s impeccable comic timing and delivery, noting how he could take a simple line of dialogue and transform it into something original and unexpectedly funny.

But Perry’s talent went beyond his comedic skills. Schwimmer acknowledged his co-star’s generous heart and how he shared it with the rest of the cast, creating a family out of six strangers. The photo shared by Schwimmer was from one of his favorite moments with Perry, a scene in the Friends episode “The One with All the Thanksgivings.”

Reflecting on the bittersweetness of the photo, Schwimmer imagined Perry up in the heavens, donning his iconic white suit and making his legendary catchphrase, “Could there BE any more clouds?” Schwimmer’s tribute highlighted the deep bond between him and Perry, both on and off-screen. Like the rest of the Friends cast, Perry and Schwimmer remained close even after the series ended in 2004.

Perry, in his memoir Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing, credited Schwimmer for his role in negotiating equal pay among the cast. Despite having the opportunity to secure a higher salary, Schwimmer chose fairness over personal gain, showing his goodness and astute business sense. Perry jokingly expressed his gratitude, claiming that he owed Schwimmer about $30 million.

Matthew Perry’s passing left the Friends cast devastated, leading them to release a joint statement expressing their profound loss and emphasizing the strong bond they shared. In the days following Perry’s death, his co-stars, including Matt LeBlanc, Courtney Cox, and Jennifer Aniston, have shared their personal tributes.

Matt LeBlanc fondly remembered the cherished moments they had together, declaring it an honor to call Perry his friend. Cox shared a funny behind-the-scenes memory and praised Perry for his humor and kindness. Aniston’s tribute conveyed the deep emotional impact of bidding farewell to Perry, expressing her love and gratitude while recounting their special connection.

The enduring theme of these tributes is the undeniable closeness and support that existed among the Friends cast members, both on-screen and in real life. Matthew Perry will be deeply missed, and his memory will live on through the love and affection he inspired in those who knew him. Rest in peace, Matthew Perry ❤️💔