Jimmy Carter’s Heartbreaking Plan for His Wife

Jimmy Carter, the former president of the United States, always believed that he would outlive his wife, Rosalynn. His main focus was to protect and care for her until the end. Unfortunately, Rosalynn passed away on November 19, less than 48 hours after joining her husband in hospice care. She died at their home in Plains, Georgia, at the age of 96.

Rosalynn served as the First Lady from 1977 to 1981 and continued her humanitarian work through the Carter Center. She was diagnosed with dementia earlier this year. However, her health deteriorated rapidly after she contracted an infection that couldn’t be treated with antibiotics.

During Rosalynn’s final moments, Jimmy sat by her bedside in his wheelchair. He made the heartbreaking decision to send others out of the room so that he could have some private time with his beloved wife. Later, Jimmy was moved into his own hospice bed, placed next to Rosalynn’s, so they could talk to each other.

Tragically, Rosalynn lost the power of speech by Sunday morning, and her inspiring life came to an end. Jimmy, who described Rosalynn as his equal partner in everything he accomplished, must be feeling the pain of her passing deeply.

Despite his own health issues, Jimmy remained steadfast in his commitment to be there for Rosalynn until the end. Their son, Chip Carter, shared that Jimmy often expressed his desire to outlive his wife. He wanted to protect and care for her until her final moments. Chip said, “We all told him how proud we were of his relationship with her and how he took care of her.”

Now 99 years old, Jimmy Carter has faced several health challenges in recent years. He moved into hospice care in February after a series of hospital stays. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Carter family during this difficult time.

Rest in peace, Rosalynn Carter. If you want to learn more about Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter’s incredible journey together, check out the article below: