Jamie Foxx Faces Sexual Assault Allegations: What You Need to Know

Jamie Foxx being sued over sexual assault allegations from eight years ago

Academy Award-winning actor Jamie Foxx is currently facing a lawsuit over some disturbing allegations from about eight years ago. This story has been making headlines around the world, so let’s dive into the details.

According to the lawsuit, the incident took place at Catch NYC & Roof, a popular rooftop bar in New York City, back in August 2015, around 11 PM. The plaintiff claims that she noticed Jamie Foxx sitting at a table nearby. Later that night, around 1 AM, her friend approached Foxx and asked for a picture with him and the plaintiff. Foxx, who appeared intoxicated, replied, “Sure, baby, anything for you.” He then made comments about the plaintiff’s appearance, saying she had a “supermodel body” and smelled great. He even compared her to Gabrielle Union.

The situation took a horrifying turn when Foxx allegedly pulled the plaintiff by the arm to a secluded area of the rooftop. There, he touched her inappropriately, placing his hands on her waist and moving them under her top to rub her breasts. The plaintiff tried to step away, but nobody intervened, including a security guard who witnessed the incident. The documents state that Foxx then proceeded to put his hand into her pants, touching her vagina and anus. It wasn’t until her friend arrived and intervened that Foxx stopped.

As a result of this traumatic experience, the plaintiff suffered physical injuries and had to undergo medical treatment. The emotional distress caused by the sexual assault, abuse, assault, and battery has also taken a toll on her. Seeking justice, she has filed a lawsuit against Foxx and the bar, seeking compensation and punitive damages.

At this time, Foxx has not responded to these allegations. It is important to let the legal process unfold and await his official statement.

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