Cowboy cookies contain almonds, chocolate chips, and coconut flakes.This recipe is adapted on Laura Bush’s famous cowboy cookie recipe and yields 12 dozen cookies.
+Recipe for Cowboy Cookies
I hope you only have one cowboy in your life because this recipe only contains eleven ingredients.

However, I did not invent this recipe from scratch; instead, I divided former First Lady Laura Bush’s dish in half.
If these cookies satisfy the boss, they must satisfy me as well.
I got the opportunity to visit his property in Crawford while in college and will never forget it.

Laura might serve cowboy scones with apple juice from her garden.
To tell you the truth, I had no idea apples grew in Texas until I saw them in your orchard!
So, let’s speak about cowboy brownies.
It’s just a chocolate chip cookie with a few more “things” added to it.
Oatmeal, almonds, coconut, and chocolate chips are all delicious.
These are delicious thick cookies! It’s just my opinion, but I think oatmeal is fantastic in baked cookies.

In fact, Ron Raisin French Toast is also available on my website.
In my defense, rum is involved, so you know it’s great.
I have French toast for two, if that’s what you’re after.
What about less raisins and more chocolate chips? This cookie recipe yields 12 cookies, but you can fold them in and create more.

I swear they stay nicely in the freezer!
When I look at the nutrition statistics for these cookies, I’m astounded that they’re only 100 calories apiece! That’s the advantage of using rolled oats! Use rolled oats rather than quick-cooking oatmeal.
Time to prepare: 15 minutes
13 minutes of cooking time
28-minute total time +ingredients