Al Roker news makes us sad

On Wednesday, Al Roker startled his audience with an unexpected revelation that many followers did not see coming.

After two hospital visits due to blood clots in the previous month, the Today meteorologist has been recuperating at home. Despite this, he postponed his recovery to make his final tweet on Twitter, marking his resignation from the platform.

Al stated he needed to “take a vacation” before inviting his Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn fans to contact him. He also indicated that this was required.

“Thank you for your help, Twitter. It’s time to take a break; we had some incredible times, but it’s time to take a break,” he said before wishing his supporters “Happy Holidays.”

“This disappoints me, but your health is more important,” one of his followers said. “Spend this time with your lovely family, enjoy your retirement, and don’t stop walking.”

“We’re looking forward to reading about delicious meals, seeing photos of beautiful scenery, and hearing about your health. We love you, Al!”

“Thank you for sharing your light over the years,” a second person added. “You are invaluable. We want you to know how much we adore you and wish you a Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas, Al,” a third person said. I’m relieved to hear you’re feeling better. I’ll keep following you on Facebook and Instagram, and I hope to see you on the Today show when you’re ready.”

Al is progressing in his recovery from health difficulties; therefore, he has decided to stop using Twitter.

The Today presenter hasn’t appeared on the show since November, though he did make a brief appearance last week when his co-stars surprised him outside his house by singing Christmas carols while dressed as Santa Claus. The incident occurred during the holiday season.

“I’m not going to lie; it’s been a tough grind,” he remarked of his rehab. “I’ve had several operations, but this was the most difficult. There are many people and things for which I am thankful.”

“It instills a great sense of gratitude for the many prayers and thanks that have been expressed,” he added.