The sad message was delivered by Al Roker’s wife.

Al Roker’s supporters and loved ones continue to keep him in their thoughts and prayers while he faces health challenges.

Due to treatment for blood clots in his lungs, the celebrity has been absent from Today.

Despite being allowed to spend Thanksgiving with his family, Al was taken to the hospital the next day and is believed to have been monitored ever since.

Although Al has also taken a social media vacation, his wife left him a lovely and heartfelt message on Instagram while he was out on Thursday.

The ABC journalist captioned a photo of the changing colors in New York, “so appreciative for the love.”

She didn’t say anything about Al or how he was doing, but she had earlier that day tweeted a picture of a TV that appeared to be in a hospital room and was watching the Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting event.

Leila, Nick, and Courteney, his children, are all anxious about their father at this time. Following the revelation of her father’s hospitalization by Page Six and a number of other media outlets, his youngest daughter, Leila, went on Instagram to deliver an emotional update on the preceding month’s events.

“November photo dump – the pieces of this month that were truly nice,” she captioned a group of cheerful photos. In one of the images, she and her companion were joined by her mother, Deborah, brother, Nick, and sister, Courtney.

“Hope your dad is feeling and doing well,” fans said after checking in on her father. “I adore you!” “Praying for many happy days as well as prayers for your family and father,” a third person remarked.

The popular Today show host had been gone from the show for several weeks due to health issues, but he returned home on Thursday, November 24, just in time to enjoy the holidays with his family.

According to Page Six, he was returned to the hospital via ambulance less than 24 hours after being discharged. Regardless, he did not return to hosting that week, nor will he do so anytime soon.

Deborah, the couple’s wife, was accused of swiftly escorting her husband’s ambulance back to the hospital from their Upper East Side home.