Prayers needed for Dolly Parton

Many fires were reported in the Smoky Mountains a few weeks ago, including one in Pigeon Forge. Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina were among those affected.

Even though the vast majority of these fires have been smothered or contained, the risk of a wildfire remains extremely high due to dry conditions and rising winds.

Earlier this month, Tennessee Wildland Fire officials attempted to put out a wildfire in the hills near Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, that had damaged more than 100 homes. The Hatcher Mountain Road/Indigo Lane fire has burned approximately 3,700 acres.

According to Sevier County Emergency Management, the Shagbark resort, Hatcher Mountain, Cove Creek, and Indigo Roads were all evacuated.

Several nearby roads were also closed to allow emergency vehicles easy access. The area around country music legend Dolly Parton’s Dollywood tourist park is on fire.

Parton took to Instagram to express her condolences to anyone affected by the California wildfires. “I’ve been keeping up with everything that’s going on with the fires in my area,” Parton added.

“It appears to be a dreadful situation on television, but I’m delighted everyone in the neighborhood has united as they always do.”

“I’m quite proud of the brave men and women battling the fire.”

She then requested prayers for everyone who had been affected by the fire. Parton feels she has received assurances that her Dollywood estate is in good working order. “I know some people who have been touched,” she continues, “and I hope you will pray for them with me.”

I’ve also phoned my Dollywood contacts, who assured me everything is well there.”

According to a Dollywood spokesman, the fire started around 2 p.m. in a heating and air conditioning unit on the roof of a closed and unoccupied structure on the resort’s grounds.

No one was in the proximity of the occurrence, according to the spokesman, and staff was able to put out the fire before the Pigeon Forge Fire Department arrived. The park remained open and operational, according to a spokesman.

The Millstone Gap fire, the second to engulf 800 acres in a rural area along the Blount County/Sevier County line, was entirely out of control and appeared to have little hope of being put out. Investigators are now trying to figure out what started the fire.

The Pigeon Forge Community Center was a shelter, while Seymore Heights Christian Church assisted as needed.

According to, Tennessee typically experiences two fire seasons. The spring fire season lasts from the middle of February until the middle of May, when the forest “greens up.”

The fall fire season begins in mid-October when the leaves start to fall and ends in mid-December.

However, it is critical to remember that wildfires can occur at any time of year. Nature can also cause wildfires. Researchers assume that humans are responsible for around 85% of wildfires in the United States.