What Caused Steve Harvey to Crash During This Surprising Episode of His Show?

In our culture, you don’t often witness a mature man cry. Although there are other double standards that apply to males but not to women, I think this is the most upsetting.

Come on, everyone has the right to cry a few tears without feeling bad about it. Even big talk show hosts occasionally need to let it all out!

The comedy team for Steve Harvey believed it would be nice to provide the beloved figure with something genuinely special for his birthday.

The fact that Steve starts the video off groggily by saying that he didn’t want any surprises during his public celebration shows that his coworkers were unable to restrain themselves.

But let’s be honest, the birthday boy doesn’t seem amused by the interruption to his speech. ” Calling in via satellite from Orlando, he begins as he unenthusiastically reads the unusual lines from the teleprompter.

Steve pauses for a second when he sees the word “Orlando.” He clearly has an impression of who this person might be. But as soon as he sees this guest’s face on the screen in front of him, the normally composed and composed talk show host starts crying.

When greeting Steve, the man on the television makes eye contact with the camera. The caller introduces himself as Rich Liss from Orlando, Florida, and wishes the host a happy birthday.

Steve can hardly look back at the television because he is so startled by the sudden presence. After a while, the host says, “Hey, man.” “Man, I love you.”

Even though it’s an embarrassing situation, the emotion is so intense that it’s hard to turn away. A woman can then be seen standing by Rich’s side as the camera pans out. She is immediately recognized by Steve as Becky, Rich’s wife.

Who are Rich and Becky Liss, then, in the eyes of this teary talk show host? It turns out that the three of them go way back.

Steve used to work in Cleveland’s carpet cleaning industry before he rose to fame as a comedian. The Lisses gave him his first contract and even gave him a loan when he first tried his hand at being a performer.

Steve naturally wants to treat these two in the finest way possible when he meets them for the first time in a long time, and boy is it special!

I could gush endlessly about this video’s beauties, but I believe it’s best that you watch it for yourself. To find out how Steve Harvey thanks this couple for their generosity, just watch the video below. If this one doesn’t make you cry, I’m not sure what will!

How do you feel about this birthday surprise? Have you ever helped someone in need in a similar way? How would you repay Becky and Rich? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the section below.