The baby’s room had a security camera that the parents installed, but when they watched the video, they got concerned.

After their 15-month-old son was awakened in the night by a “deep masculine voice,” which they believe was someone accessing their crib camera, a young family worried they may have been spied on in their own home for weeks.

Shannon Richardson and Jack Gray, who live in Banbury, Oxfordshire, claim that their son Freddie had been waking up at 2 a.m. every night and refused to go back to sleep.

The “deep male voice” chatting to young Freddie over the webcam was so audible that the couple initially believed someone was in the house. However, when they learned the “reason,” they were shocked.

Shannon insisted on bringing Freddie to bed with her since she was so concerned that her home was being watched.

As seen by monitor footage of Jack entering his son’s cot to comfort him, they are now concerned that the man has been following their boy for weeks and has even observed the couple trying to calm him.

“The anxiety and disgust we feel are terrible,” said Shannon. “This man has been in Freddie’s room for how long? After his bath, we change him there and put him to bed.”

We’re not sure how long this has been going on, but he’d been waking up at the same time every night at around two in the morning for a while and we couldn’t get him to sleep.

“Jack went over to the baby’s crib to console him. He refused to calm down no matter what we tried, therefore we believe he was startled awake.””

“However, since we took the baby monitor off, he hasn’t woken up during the night.”

In the weeks preceding the shock in October, images captured on the monitor show Jack, who works in fire and flood repair, unsuccessfully attempting to calm his child in the middle of the night in the crib.

“At around 2:30 in the morning, Jack and I were watching TV,” Shannon recalled.

The witness recalled, “When we heard rustling, we had the camera on so we gave it a short glance, believing it was Freddie moving about in his crib.”

Then, a very deep male voice could be heard, which made us believe the man was in the bedroom.

He seemed to be trying to wake Freddie up, calling him “baby” and “baba.” Jack hurried upstairs and slammed the door.

The monitor moved toward Jack even though no one was inside. The speaker was audible through the screen. The monitor was ripped off by Jack after he just grabbed Freddie.

“We went into our room and just sat there, not knowing what to do. That startled us all. I wasn’t sure what to believe or think.”

It is unknown whether the monitor’s manufacturer picked up any radio interference.

The man’s voice was so clear that they confused him for someone inside the house, according to Shannon, who claims that the encounter made her feel insecure in her own home.

Jack threw the monitor away, Shannon claimed.

“I wasn’t at ease and felt anxious. We didn’t know if it was a local man, therefore I was concerned.”

Shannon had been using the video baby monitor she received as a pregnancy gift even before Freddie was born.

“I felt it was rather convenient since it was fantastic to be able to see him when he was in bed,” Shannon remarked.

“We’ve been using it ever since he was born,” the mother claims. Baby monitors are designed to give you a safe method to keep an eye on your child.

You’d never know someone else was observing them through it.