Chumlee from Pawn Stars was detained and risks a lengthy prison sentence.

The Pawn Stars star Austin Lee Russell, also known as Chumlee to fans, reportedly told a judge on Monday that he would be open to a plea deal on charges related to drugs and weapons resulting from a police raid on his Las Vegas home in March.

Russell will submit a guilty plea to one count of attempted possession of a controlled substance, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. A second felony weapon charge will be upheld as part of the plea deal.

In addition to three years of probation, Russell must surrender the weapons and drugs that the police claim they found on his property. He also needs to go to treatment.

Police claimed to have found 12 firearms, a huge bag of marijuana, and a small amount of methamphetamine when they apprehended Russell on March 9.

Among the retrieved firearms, police allegedly discovered handguns, rifles, and an assault-style MP5. Police had come to Russell’s house to investigate a sexual assault. He wasn’t charged in the sexual assault case after being released after paying a $62,000 bail.

According to Fox News, if Russell, 33, remains trouble-free, the criminal prosecution against him will be dismissed. If not, he may serve two to five years in state prison.

Russell will return to court to enter his pleas.

Police also reported finding prescription Xanax pills in his residence.

Russell’s lawyer, David Chesnoff, said that the reality star is keen to put the incident behind him.

Chesnoff says in a statement: “We will be evaluating what was allegedly found and whether the alleged search was lawful in a courtroom, not in the public.” We both firmly believe in the rule of law and are optimistic that the issue will be decided properly.

Russell has a reputation for throwing crazy parties.

He owns a gun and smokes a lot of pot, the insider claimed.

The network that airs Pawn Stars said last week that “they are just letting the judicial system play out for the time being,” despite the History Channel’s refusal to comment on the situation.