Fans are concerned after seeing the legendary actor’s most recent images.

He’s 81 years old, yet he still enjoys coming to the movies. However, Al Pacino’s most recent paparazzi photographs have frightened fans.

We used to see him with a perpetual smile on his face, joking with his friends or shining on the red carpet, but recent paparazzi photographs show Al Pacino being dragged from behind and moved.

He’s having difficulty eating his lunch in a Beverly Hills restaurant.

Nevertheless, the well-known actor stopped and posed for photos with fans.

The news of Al Pacino’s separation with Israeli Meital Dohan surprised Hollywood.

The two seemed to get along well as a couple. The 36-year age difference between them, though, spoke for itself.

“It’s challenging to be around such an elderly man, even with Al Pacino. The age difference makes things quite difficult. I made an effort to argue against it, but he is aging. As a result, despite my best efforts, the relationship failed.”

The actress giggled and said, “He only brought me flowers,” in response to the question of whether she received any presents or souvenirs after the couple started dating in 2018. “How can I politely let him know that I don’t enjoy his wasting money?”