Tim Roth, a legendary actor, and his family are in our thoughts and prayers as they mourn their devastating loss.

Both Tim Roth and his family are grieving.

Cormac Roth, a musician and the son of actor Tim Roth, died at the early age of 25 while “in the arms of his family.”

Although Cormac’s death was officially announced on October 31, 2022, the young man passed away around two weeks earlier.

Cormac initially revealed his physical condition on Instagram in July of last year. On October 16, 2022, Tim Roth’s beloved son lost the fight against cancer, he announced to NBC News. According to Roth:

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“After a courageous battle with cancer, we lost our darling boy Cormac on Sunday, October 16. He was held by his devoted family as he peacefully passed away. He fought for a year with remarkable fortitude while maintaining his wicked sense of humor.”

Cormac first revealed he was battling cancer in July 2022, but he later admitted the diagnosis of stage 3 germ cell cancer had really been made in November 2021.

According to Cormac, the condition—also known as choriocarcinoma—proved challenging to treat. He explained how the illness and the corresponding therapy had resulted in him losing weight, hearing, and confidence.

In his post, the adolescent musician bravely rejected his cancer by promising to fight it as hard as he could. He continued by saying that it had not lessened his love for creating music. 

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“Love to you everyone; never forget to follow your dreams. Life is temporary.”

After Cormac passed away, his family paid tribute to him by expressing their gratitude for the limited time they had with the young man. They also regretted that he had only recently begun to grow into a man. As was stated:

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“We love him. He will accompany us on all of our trips.”

The rest of Cormac’s family consists of brother Hunter Roth, mother Nikki Butler, and father Tim Roth.

How terrible that such a young man experienced this! Cancer is evil at its core.

I’m sending condolences to you and your family.