At age 78, the legendary actor made a shift that fans found disagreeable.

At age 78, the legendary actor made a transformation that fans called “ugly and tasteless.” He’s no longer recognizable:

Due to his recent striking new look, Michael Douglas’s fans have a lot of questions about him.

The Oscar-winning actor completely transformed his appearance by dying his hair a vivid shade of ginger and sharing pictures of himself sporting the new hairdo on Instagram.

Everyone could see that he had changed, despite the fact that he made no comments about it in the video. Michael wished his audience a good weekend and displayed his hair flying in the wind beneath his helmet in a video message he sent to his fans from Paris.

Many of his fans asked about his location and expressed hope that he was enjoying his travels. Others questioned why he had changed how he looked.

“Happy Saturday to you, are you growing hair for a movie?” asked one person as they wished him a good day. While someone more remarked, “You got lockdown hair….from the first one…..2020,” and another person re-asked whether he was growing his hair out for a role in a movie.

Michael and his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones recently had two main reasons to celebrate: they both turned a significant age. They are both well-known actors.

The two shared a gigantic, luscious chocolate cake that was layered with thick chocolate ganache and was nearly as big as the table it was placed on.

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The same day, September 25, is shared by Michael, who is 78 years old and was born in 1944, and Catherine, who is 53 years old and was born in 1969. To honor their birthday, candles in the form of the number 25 were placed on the dessert.

Michael added a particularly adorable photo of the two blowing out their birthday candles to his personal Instagram account, while Catherine shared photographs of their birthday treat.

Most recently, Michael and Catherine also celebrated their birthdays as a pair.

“I appreciate everyone who sent me birthday wishes.” It was Michael who said, “We love you all,” in reference to the photograph. Catherine graciously replied, “Such a pleasure sharing my birthday with you all.”

The Chicago actress tweeted a beautiful message to her husband of 20 years along with a picture of the two of them enjoying a wonderful moment on the occasion of their special day.