The Secret of a Happy Married Life

I asked my friend, “What is the secret behind your happy married life?”

He replied, “You should share responsibilities with due love and respect each other. Then absolutely there will be no problems.”

Curious, I asked, “Can you explain?”

He said, “In my house, I take decisions on bigger issues whereas my wife decides on smaller issues. We do not interfere in each other’s decisions.”

Still not convinced, I asked him, “Give me some examples.”

“In our setup,” he elaborated, “I handle larger issues like whether Britain should lift sanctions over Zimbabwe, whether Bodoland should be formed, or whether Ronaldo should retire from football, etc. Meanwhile, my wife tackles all the smaller issues that come up in our day-to-day lives.”

I asked, “Then, what is your role?”

He chuckled and said, “My decisions are only for very big issues and do you know, she never disagrees with my decisions!”