Story: A Clever Wife and Helpful Neighbor


In a small town, there lived a husband and wife who always found themselves in funny situations. Let’s take a look at how their remarkable story unfolded.

A Request from the Wife

One sunny morning, the wife turned to her husband and asked, “Honey, can you please help me clean the garden?”

Husband’s Response

With a playful smile, the husband replied, “Do I look like a gardener?”

The Wife’s Second Request

Realizing her husband’s reluctance, the wife quickly came up with an alternative. “Alright then, can you please fix the bathroom door?” she asked.

Husband’s Doubt

Again with a hint of skepticism, the husband replied, “Do I look like a carpenter?”

Unexpected Surprise

Feeling slightly defeated, the husband decided to step out for a while. When he returned, he was in for a pleasant surprise. The garden was spotless, and the bathroom door was fixed!

Husband’s Amazement

“I knew my wife could do it all by herself!” the husband exclaimed proudly.

The Truth Revealed

Curious about how his wife had managed, the husband asked, “Did you do all this on your own?”

Credit to the Neighbor

With a mischievous smile, the wife confessed, “Actually, it wasn’t me. It was our kind neighbor who helped.”

Surprised and Curious

Shocked, the husband questioned, “You paid him for his help, didn’t you?”

The Unexpected Offer

Laughing, the wife shared, “No, he didn’t take any money. Instead, he gave me a choice: bread or s ex.”

A Hilarious Ending

Quick-wittedly, the husband responded, “I hope you chose the bread!”

Wife’s Funny Reply

With a chuckle, the wife replied, “Do I look like a bakery?”

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