Homeless Woman Finds Alternative Housing Solution Through Dating Apps

Life can be tough when it comes to making ends meet, especially when it comes to finding a place to sleep at night. Emily Webb, a 25-year-old woman from Australia, found herself in this unfortunate situation after becoming homeless. However, she came up with a creative solution to her housing problem – using dating apps to find different men’s homes to stay in each night.

Living in her car on the Gold Coast of Australia, Emily was struggling to find a suitable rental apartment despite having the financial means. While she initially relied on the kindness of friends to sleep on their sofas, she didn’t want to burden them for too long. That’s when she turned to dating apps to secure a place to stay for the night.

Despite her OnlyFans account and a substantial following on Instagram, Emily still faced difficulties in finding a permanent place to live. Despite having a weekly housing budget of $660 and even offering to pay a year’s rent in advance, she was unsuccessful. However, she discovered that using the dating app Hinge allowed her to find willing hosts to accommodate her.


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Through her experiences, Emily realized that she had been wasting money on rent all along. In a video, she expressed her disbelief and stated, “If you’re hot, don’t ever pay rent.” She used the dating app to connect with different men who were open to letting her stay at their place. She didn’t usually disclose her situation to them or put pressure on them to help her.

Emily doesn’t consider herself homeless because she doesn’t fit the stereotypical image. While she doesn’t want to be a burden to her friends, she doesn’t mind relying on the kindness of strangers. This arrangement not only allows her to save money but also utilizes what she calls her “pretty privilege” to her advantage.

Although these living arrangements are temporary and typically end after a few nights, Emily isn’t stressed. She believes that she could secure a rental any day, and until then, she continues to use dating apps as a means to find a place to sleep.