I Blew Up Because My Girlfriend’s Kids Are Constantly Wasting Food

Mike, a concerned reader, reached out to us seeking advice on a dilemma he’s facing. The core of his issue? His girlfriend’s kids habitually wasting food – and Mike is at his wit’s end about it.

We received a letter from Mike.

36-year-old Mike shared a story that might hit home for many readers.

He starts his letter with, “Hi! I’ve noticed countless people reaching out to you for advice and clarity, so I decided to be brave and share my story too.” He proceeds to unfold his narrative, “I’ve been dating a wonderful woman for over 3 years. She has two kids, whom I adore. But what’s been gnawing at me is that we have very different views on managing money.”

Mike delves deeper, “She has always struggled financially, which doesn’t bother me because I understand the challenges of being a single mother of two. So, I chose to support her by helping with the groceries. From the early days of our relationship, I noticed she allows her kids to pick out whatever they fancy. Consequently, I’ve seen food go stale or expire in her pantry numerous times.”

Continuing his account, Mike reveals, “Just recently, we went grocery shopping, and the kids loaded up on a bunch of cookies. When we got to her home, I discovered her pantry stocked with cookies that had bugs in them. I lost it. While the kids were out playing, I brought it up with her. But she brushed it off, telling me I was overreacting.”

Mike then expressed his deeper concerns, “This issue, which used to merely bother me, has become unbearable because I now plan to ask her and her kids to move in with me. I can’t envision this wasteful behavior continuing in our home. Growing up in a poor household, the importance of not wasting food was drilled into me. To me, buying unnecessary food and letting it go to waste is a major red flag. What’s my next move?”