A Late Night Wake-Up Call

It’s 3 AM when a husband and wife are abruptly awakened by a loud pounding on their front door. Through the pouring rain, the husband peers out the bedroom window and notices an unfamiliar car parked on the street. Curiosity piqued, he ventures downstairs to answer the door, only to find a drunken stranger standing in the rain, asking for help.

“Not a chance!” exclaims the husband, clearly annoyed by the intrusion. “Do you have any idea what time it is? Get lost!” With that, he slams the door shut, dismissing the stranger without a second thought. Returning to bed, his wife inquires about the commotion.

“Just some drunk guy asking for a push,” he grumbles, still irritated by the disturbance. “Did you help him?” his wife inquires, her tone filled with concern. “Absolutely not,” he retorts, frustrated by her questioning. “It’s 3 AM and pouring rain outside. I told him to get lost.”

But his wife isn’t ready to let the matter go. She reminds him of a time, just a few months ago, when they found themselves stranded and in need of assistance. Two strangers had come to their aid, providing a helping hand when they needed it most. “That man needs your help, and you just left him out there? You should be ashamed of yourself,” she admonishes him firmly. “Go and help him!”

Feeling a twinge of guilt, the husband reluctantly gets dressed and heads outside into the pouring rain. Calling out into the pitch-black darkness, his voice filled with hesitation, he asks, “Hello? Are you still there?” To his relief, a voice responds, “Yes!” Emboldened by this reply, he continues, “Do you still need a push?” The voice from the dark confirms, “Yes please!”

Curiosity piqued, the husband seeks further clarity. “Where are you?” he asks, determined to locate the stranded stranger. And then, in a surprising twist, the drunk reveals his location. “Over here on the swing set!”