Teachers Should Encourage Cursive Writing

Imagine your 7-year-old child coming home from school, upset about a note they received from their teacher. That’s exactly what happened to Alyssa when she received a worksheet with a red ink admonishment: “Stop writing your name in cursive. You have had several warnings.” This incident has sparked a debate and raises the question of whether teachers should discourage children from practicing cursive.

Cursive writing, while not a priority in all schools, is actually a valuable skill. It requires concentration and practice, which in turn nurtures a child’s focus and dedication. Therefore, it seems unfair to criticize Alyssa’s efforts instead of celebrating them.

Instead of sending discouraging notes, teachers should provide constructive feedback and praise young learners who voluntarily take on the challenge of mastering this intricate art. Cursive may not be universally emphasized, but it deserves appreciation for the valuable skills it imparts to young students.

Let’s encourage our teachers to recognize the commitment children like Alyssa have towards cursive writing and offer positive reinforcement. By doing so, we can nurture their passion and dedication to learning this beautiful form of writing.