Mom Is Slammed Online After Removing Baby’s Birthmark With A Laser

Being a parent means making tough decisions, and sometimes those decisions are met with criticism from others. Brooke, a mother who frequently shares videos on TikTok, recently faced backlash for a decision she made for her baby boy. Despite the negativity, Brooke stood by her choice, knowing it was the best for her son’s well-being.

When her son, Kingsley, was born, he had a large port wine stain birthmark covering half of his face. Concerned about the potential impact on his self-esteem and health, Brooke sought medical advice on how to address the birthmark. After exploring all the options, she decided that laser treatment was the best course of action to remove the birthmark before he grew older.

However, when Brooke shared her decision online, she was met with criticism and accusations of child abuse. People argued that Kingsley should have the right to decide for himself about removing the birthmark when he is older. Some even offered questionable natural remedies instead.

Fed up with the negativity, Brooke chose to speak out and share her perspective. In a series of videos, she explained the reasoning behind her choice. One important factor she highlighted was that port wine stain birthmarks do not fade over time; instead, they can darken, become lumpy, and even cause other health issues. By starting the laser treatment at a young age, Brooke believed it would be more effective and prevent potential complications in the future.


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It’s crucial to note that Brooke’s decision was driven by her concern for Kingsley’s health, not cosmetic reasons. She loves her son unconditionally, birthmark or no birthmark, and acted to improve his overall well-being.

Parenting is a challenging journey, and making decisions for our children is never easy. It’s important to support and respect one another, even when we may not agree on every choice.