Man who vanished nearly 30 years ago found alive in neighbour’s cellar

A Remarkable Discovery After Decades of Mystery

In a stunning turn of events, a man who disappeared almost three decades ago has been found alive in his neighbour’s cellar. Omar Bin Omran, who went missing at the age of 17 in the city of Djelfa, Algeria, in 1997, has finally been rescued from his captor’s clutches.

Omar’s disappearance left his family devastated, with the civil war that plagued Algeria at the time making them fear the worst. But little did they know, the answer to their prayers was just 300 feet away from their own home.

A Harrowing Discovery

On 12 May, Omar was rescued from his 61-year-old neighbour’s property, where he had been held captive for 27 long years. It is reported that he was kept in a “sheep pen” contraption covered in hay in the cellar of the house.

Video footage of the emotional moment he was found has spread on social media, showing Omar looking visibly nervous as rescuers shone torches towards him. The years of captivity have changed him, as compared to the photos of his younger days when he was a clean-shaven, smiling young lad.

Uncovering the Truth

The revelation of Omar’s whereabouts came to light after the suspect’s brother made claims on social media, hinting at his knowledge of Omar’s location during an argument over inheritance. Djelfa Attorney General’s Office then took action, leading to the arrest of the 61-year-old neighbour.

During the search of the property, police discovered a hidden trapdoor under hay on the floor, behind which Omar was found. He was immediately taken to a medical center for physical and psychological evaluations, receiving the care he desperately needed.

Justice Will Be Served

The perpetrator of this heinous crime will face the full force of the law. Prosecutors are determined to hold him accountable for the suffering he inflicted on Omar and the alleged killing of his beloved dog.

Sadly, Omar’s mother passed away in 2013, never knowing the truth about her son’s whereabouts. This heart-wrenching revelation now adds another layer of pain to an already unimaginable situation.

Moving Forward

As Omar begins his journey of healing and recovery, the community stands with him, offering support and strength. This extraordinary tale of resilience and survival reminds us of the enduring power of hope and the importance of never giving up.