Tourist Shocked by Bill at Popular Ski Resort

A tourist visiting Aspen, Colorado, was left stunned after receiving the bill for two pizzas they ordered at a popular ski resort. Aspen is known for attracting wealthy visitors due to its world-famous skiing facilities, but the cost of these pizzas was beyond what the tourist expected.

The tourist took to Reddit to share their experience, posting a photo of a 10-inch pizza and asking others to guess the price. Upon first glance, the pizza appeared quite underwhelming. It was small in size, barely the size of a hand, and the toppings seemed haphazardly thrown on. The ham and pineapple were identifiable, but there was an excessive amount of cheese and the crusts were burnt.

To make matters worse, the price tag was exorbitant. The tourist revealed that they were charged $91.66 USD, including a tip, for the two small pizzas. However, when they checked their bank account, they saw that they were actually charged $137.66. The tourist expressed their disappointment with the pizzas and the inflated price.

People on Reddit were shocked by the tourist’s experience. Some suggested seeking a chargeback from the credit card company, while others expressed their outrage. One person even commented that for that price, a helicopter should have been involved. Another pointed out that at the fine dining restaurant where they work, the most expensive pizza costs $25, emphasizing that the basic ingredients of dough, sauce, and cheese should never be that expensive.

Reflecting on their own poor decision-making, the tourist admitted that they had avoided eating all week due to the high prices in Aspen. They shared their story as a cautionary tale and advised others not to make the same mistake.

It’s important to be cautious when dining at popular tourist destinations and always check prices before finalizing an order. Being aware of the potential for inflated prices can help avoid any surprises when the bill arrives.