12 Easter Eggs Hidden In Taylor Swift’s “Fortnight” Music Video

12 Easter Eggs Hidden In Taylor Swift's “Fortnight” Music Video

Taylor Swift’s latest music video for “Fortnight” is packed with hidden surprises that will delight fans of all ages. From secret references to past eras to symbolic imagery, Swift has once again given us a visual feast that tells the story of her new album. Let’s dive into the twelve Easter eggs and references that make this video so special.

1. The Face Tattoos

In one scene, Swift reveals face tattoos that match those of her collaborator, Post Malone. It’s a small detail, but it signifies their connection in the video’s narrative.

2. The Pill Bottle Numbers

As Swift is chained to her bed, she is handed a bottle of pills with the words “forget him.” The prescription number on the bottle is a clever nod to Swift’s birthday and the release date of her album, Tortured Poets.

3. The Grammys Dress

Swift starts off wearing a gown similar to the one she wore at the 2024 Grammys, but in the video, it’s torn and worn out. It serves as a reminder of her album announcement and showcases her journey from celebration to mourning.

4. An “Illicit Affairs” Reference

Fans have noticed colored rays of light beaming from Swift and Post’s desks, which seems to reference a lyric from Folklore’s “Illicit Affairs.” This connection adds depth and meaning to the narrative of the video.

5. The Missing Typewriter Key

Keep an eye out for Swift’s typewriter missing a “1” key. This could symbolize the absence of the one person in the character’s life, or it could hint at the release time of Tortured Poets.

6. “The Story Of Us”

When Swift and Post are lying on top of loose papers, she’s reading a book titled “Us,” a reference to her song “The Story Of Us” from her 2010 album Speak Now. It’s a nod to her past work and shows how her storytelling continues to evolve.

7. The Dead Poets Society Stars

Ethan Hawke and Josh Charles, stars of the 1989 film Dead Poets Society, make an appearance in the music video. Their presence pays homage to the inspiration behind the album title, and their characters’ names are stitched onto their white coats.

8. Clara Bow’s Therapy

Swift subtly nods to 1920s actor Clara Bow by including electro-shock therapy in the video. Bow herself received this treatment in a psychiatric facility, and her story serves as inspiration for a song on the album.

9. Hidden Lyrics

During a heart monitor or lie detector test, the results spell out lyrics from “Fortnight.” It’s a clever way to incorporate the song’s message into the visual storytelling.

10. The Poor Things Nods

When Swift is strapped onto a table with wires attached to her head, fans couldn’t help but be reminded of her friend Emma Stone’s movie Poor Things. The aesthetics of the video and the movie share similarities, creating a subtle connection.

11. The Black Dog

In Swift’s chaotic operating room, a black dog is present, symbolizing “The Black Dog,” the first song from The Anthology, the surprise second part of Tortured Poets. It’s a powerful visual representation of the album’s themes.

12. The Cats

Finally, as the video comes to an end, keep an eye out for hidden cats in the title card. Swift’s love for felines is well-known, and she couldn’t resist adding a touch of feline charm to her music video.

Taylor Swift has once again shown her mastery of storytelling through visuals. Each Easter egg and reference adds depth and meaning to the narrative of “Fortnight” and gives fans a glimpse into the worlds that inspired her new album. Keep watching and discovering the magic within this music video.