Sean Hannity Caught Vaping on Camera

Sean Hannity, the popular Fox News host, was recently caught on camera using a vaporizer during a commercial break. While the incident caused quite a stir online, many are wondering what he was actually vaping. It’s no secret that vaporizers are used by people who consume tobacco products, but they are also becoming increasingly popular among marijuana smokers. In states where marijuana is legal, vape cartridges are easily available at dispensaries.

Sean Hannity Gets “Caught In The Act” When He Thinks He’s On A Commercial Break

Hannity was caught in the act when the cameras unexpectedly came back on after the commercial break. Thinking he had enough time, he took a hit from his vaporizer, only to be caught off guard. Thankfully, someone on set managed to get his attention, and he quickly put away the vape and resumed the show.

Despite his efforts to downplay the incident, other Fox News hosts haven’t let him live it down. Laura Ingraham playfully teased Hannity, calling his vaping moment “cute” and jokingly pretending to be caught off guard herself. It seems that moments like these are endearing to viewers, as it shows a more authentic side of the hosts they admire.

While some may find the incident amusing, others have pointed out the irony of Hannity being a known supporter of former President Donald Trump and his staunch stance against marijuana use. On Twitter, people have been quick to call out Hannity’s hypocrisy and express their amusement at his vaping habits.

It’s worth noting that Hannity was vaping a Juul brand product, which is commonly associated with nicotine consumption rather than e-cigarettes used by tobacco smokers. In May 2018, Hannity mentioned to his audience that although he would never try marijuana, he was open to vaping nicotine products.

Since the incident, Hannity has remained silent about his vape use. However, in 2017, he tweeted about being “open” to medical marijuana if it could alleviate the suffering of a family member or friend with a serious illness. It’s unclear whether his stance on medical marijuana has changed since then.

In the video below, you can watch the moment Hannity was caught vaping on camera. While we can’t definitively say what he was vaping, it’s likely that he was inhaling tobacco during his time on the Fox News set. Despite the speculation, one thing is clear – viewers on social media are not happy with Hannity for engaging in the same behavior as marijuana smokers.