A Convict’s Desperation to Protect Children

In a recent and highly publicized incident, Jonathan Watson, a 41-year-old inmate in the California prison system, made headlines by attacking and killing two convicted child molesters. Motivated by his concern for the safety of children, Watson took drastic measures to protect them from these repeat offenders.

After being transferred to the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison in Corcoran, Watson found himself in a precarious situation. He became increasingly aware that he couldn’t trust himself around child molesters. Consequently, he urgently requested to be moved to a different facility, as he feared he could be driven to act in order to safeguard innocent lives. Unfortunately, his desperate plea was ignored, which left him feeling unheard and unsupported.

Previously classified as Level III security, Watson’s security classification was lowered to Level II upon his transfer. This change in classification meant that he was no longer confined to a single cell and was moved into a dormitory-style living space. Watson strongly believed that this decision was a careless mistake made by prison officials and he expressed his concerns on multiple occasions. However, his complaints fell on deaf ears.

Just six days after his transfer, Watson found himself living alongside a child molester, whom he referred to as “Molester #1.” Feeling threatened and with a sense of urgency to protect potential victims, Watson made the decision to take immediate action. He packed his belongings, fully prepared to confront the situation the next day.

Hours before the killings occurred, Watson met with a prison counselor, demanding to be returned to Level III security. Unfortunately, his request was brushed off and not taken seriously. Despite Watson’s admission of struggling to control his violent urges around child molesters, his warnings were disregarded.

When “Molester #1” began watching children’s programming openly in front of other inmates, Watson saw it as a direct provocation. Feeling compelled to step in, he took matters into his own hands. Armed with a cane, Watson attacked and killed the child molester. As he made his way to turn himself in, he encountered “Molester #2” and without hesitation, Watson seized the opportunity to rid the world of another predator.

Following the killings, Watson approached a prison guard to confess his actions. Astonishingly, the guard initially believed it was a joke, only realizing the gravity of the situation upon witnessing the shocking aftermath. Watson somberly explained, “I’ve got some pretty bad news,” leaving the guard to comprehend the magnitude of the event.

It is essential to note that Watson was already serving a life sentence for a murder conviction in 2009. The incident raises important questions about inmate safety and the measures in place to prevent violent acts within the prison system. The circumstances surrounding this case are complex, but they shed light on the challenges faced by prisoners and the concerns surrounding their reintegration into society.