Whoopi Reacts After Joy “Insults” Her Publicly On The View

On a recent episode of The View, long-time host Joy Behar made a comment that caught the attention of her co-host, Whoopi Goldberg. Behar, who had been fired from the show back in 2013, revealed in an interview with Time Magazine that she was actually “happy” about being let go.

The topic of Behar’s firing came up during the show when the women wanted to discuss her interview. Behar explained that she didn’t take the firing personally and had dealt with career setbacks before. She said, “I was glad to be fired. I was basically sick of the show at that point for some reason. I don’t even remember why.”

Goldberg, who was a co-host at the time Behar was fired, jokingly reacted, “Really? All your friends left?” She then pretended to cry before assuring Behar that she was “cool” with it.

Behar defended herself by saying, “I always have friends where I work, and if I don’t have friends at the job, I will not keep the job.” She explained that when she was fired, all her backstage friends had already left, so there was no reason for her to stay.

Goldberg was a little offended by Behar’s comment, but she quickly brushed it off, saying they had been friends for a long time by the time they were both co-hosts. She assured Behar that she was just teasing her.

Behar has confirmed that she was indeed fired from The View in 2013 and it wasn’t her decision to leave the show. She expressed her dissatisfaction with the direction the show was going at the time and didn’t hesitate to say, “Good, I’m out of here” when she was told she wasn’t being renewed.

Despite any insults thrown at her, Behar has a way of letting things slide. Her fellow host, Sunny Hostin, mentioned that Behar doesn’t hold grudges and often forgets about insults made against her. She simply shrugs them off and moves on.

Behar’s ability to brush off insults and stay calm has helped her navigate through her time on The View. She doesn’t let negative comments get under her skin and remains focused on the show, leaving any drama behind when the cameras stop rolling.

While Behar and Goldberg may have had a playful moment on the show, their longstanding friendship remains intact. As co-hosts on The View, they have been through it all together and their bond is strong, both on and off the screen.

In the end, it’s clear that Behar’s firing from The View was a turning point in her career. Instead of dwelling on it, she embraced the opportunity to move on and find new opportunities. And with her positive attitude and ability to let things go, she continues to thrive in the entertainment industry.