Tragic Incident Involving California Mom, Partner, and Children

Mom Of 2 Kills Herself, Partner, Infant Child, And Injures Her Oldest After Warning People About The Eclipse

In a devastating turn of events, a California-based mom of two, Danielle Johnson, has been found dead after a horrific incident. Johnson, who had been warning others about the total solar eclipse on social media, allegedly killed her partner, Jaelen Chaney, and seriously injured her 9-year-old child before taking her own life.

According to reports, an argument between Johnson and Chaney escalated, leading Johnson to fatally stab her partner. She then proceeded to place her children in her vehicle and drove down a busy LA freeway in the early hours of the morning. Shockingly, Johnson pushed both her 8-month-old infant and her 9-year-old child out of the moving car. Tragically, the infant did not survive, while the 9-year-old sustained moderate injuries from the fall and was rushed to the hospital.

The horrific incident came to light when neighbors noticed the front door of the couple’s apartment left open. Upon investigating, they discovered Chaney’s lifeless body. The LAPD press release indicates that a knife with biological evidence was recovered from the scene, suggesting that Johnson may have killed Chaney before fleeing with their children.

It is important to note that despite Johnson’s posts on social media, the police do not believe that the eclipse played a role in her actions. Lt. Guy Golan emphasized that without being able to interview Johnson or having more concrete evidence, it is challenging to attribute her motives solely to her posts about an apocalypse.

Our hearts go out to the victims and their families affected by this tragic incident.