Protecting their Beautiful Daughter from Prying Stares

Parents will do anything to protect their children, and these parents went above and beyond for their daughter. Meet Vienna Brookshaw, a beautiful child who captured the hearts of her parents, Celine Casey and her husband. From the moment Vienna was born in April 2021 in the United Kingdom, her parents made a remarkable decision – to shield her from the public eye and protect her from curious gazes.

At first sight, Casey noticed a birthmark on Vienna’s forehead, between her eyebrows. Although this birthmark, known as congenital melanocytic nevus (CMN), posed no health risks to Vienna, her mom couldn’t help but worry about the potential emotional impact it might have on her as she grew older. CMN is a rare condition that causes harmless pigment cells to form on a baby’s skin, and these cells can grow as the child gets older.

Casey, as any parent would, wanted to ensure that Vienna did not face any challenges or emotional distress because of her birthmark. She immediately consulted with doctors to explore the possibility of its removal. Casey’s genuine concern stemmed from the fact that people would often stare at her baby when she was younger, treating her differently from other babies. This only fueled her determination to have the birthmark removed, to shield Vienna from any unnecessary attention or judgement.

The National Health Service (NHS) initially declined the surgery, deeming it cosmetic rather than essential. Determined to give their daughter the best possible future, Casey and her husband launched a fundraising campaign. In just 24 hours, the incredible generosity of strangers enabled them to raise $52,000. However, due to increased hospital costs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, an additional $27,000 was needed for the surgery.

With their unwavering love for Vienna, the young parents turned to their support network once again, this time through GoFundMe, to cover the remaining costs for the surgery. Casey highlighted the importance of their decision, stating, “Everyone has things they feel unsure about in their body. The doctor said it wouldn’t affect Vienna’s mental health right now, but we didn’t see it that way. She’s starting school at three, and little kids are clever; they notice things like that.”

Thanks to the generosity of those who rallied behind Vienna’s cause, her birthmark has been successfully removed, leaving only a small scar on her forehead as a reminder of her journey. Vienna’s mom, Casey, regularly shares updates on her daughter’s healing process, often emphasizing just how “gorgeous” her baby girl is.

The devoted parents even traveled to London to have the surgeon ensure that the small scar on Vienna’s forehead had healed properly. Their love and concern for their daughter never wavered, as they wanted to ensure that Vienna wouldn’t require any further surgeries or treatments. Fortunately, Vienna is currently a healthy two-year-old who continues to thrive without needing any additional medical care.

Vienna’s story is one of love, determination, and the strength of a family bond. As she grows older, her parents will be proud to watch her blossom into an incredible individual, with a beautiful spirit that shines brighter than any physical mark on her skin. Let’s send our best wishes to Vienna for a future filled with good health, love, and endless possibilities. And please, feel free to share her inspiring story with others!