Mom Gets Harsh Criticism After Naming Her Daughter After A Disney Character

Indy Clinton, a 25-year-old mom from Sydney, Australia, recently made headlines after naming her newborn daughter Bambi, after the classic Disney character. Despite facing criticism online, Indy stands firm in her decision and doesn’t let the negative comments bother her.

Indy gained popularity on TikTok, a Chinese social media platform, where she shares quirky videos featuring her family and her stylish looks. She took to TikTok to share her excitement and disbelief when Love Islander Molly-Mae also announced that she had named her baby daughter Bambi. It seemed like a remarkable coincidence that both moms had chosen the same name for their children.

Indy’s love for Disney’s movie Bambi goes way back to her childhood. She even owns a copy of the Bambi storybook, which she frequently reads to her 2-year-old son, Navy. Given her deep affinity for the lovable character, it only felt natural for Indy to name her newborn daughter after her favorite Disney character.

Originally, Indy had planned to name her daughter Paloma. However, upon meeting her baby girl and witnessing her sweet and curious nature, along with her big, brown eyes, Indy was instantly reminded of the Disney cartoon character. She decided to ditch her original name choice and named her child Bambi instead.

While Indy’s daughter is now four months old, her extended family still find it surprising that she chose to name her human child after a Disney cartoon baby deer. However, Indy has no regrets about her decision.

When asked about the criticism she has received for her choice of name, Indy responds with confidence. She believes that unique names are on-trend, and that Bambi will fit right in with other unique names like Rivers, Bears, Forests, Stormis, and Wolfs. She isn’t bothered by people’s opinions and prefers to give them something to talk about rather than conforming to traditional names.

In a world where people are quick to criticize, Indy’s boldness and unapologetic nature shine through. She is proud of her daughter’s name and stands by her choice, proving that sometimes the best decisions come from following your heart, even if it means going against the norm.