Tanning Salon Owner Left “Disgusted” by Customer Incident

Tanning salons are known for providing a private and relaxing experience for customers looking to darken their skin. While tanning can be dangerous and increase the risk of skin cancer, many people still enjoy the benefits of a good tan. However, one tanning salon owner in Lees, Oldham, was recently shocked to discover that a customer had taken relaxation a little too far by urinating all over the tanning bed during their session.

The incident occurred at The Tanning Room, prompting the salon to close down the affected bed for an extensive deep cleaning. The owner of the salon, Odelle Burney, expressed her disgust and disappointment upon learning about the incident. It remains unclear whether the customer was male or female, but this was not the first time the salon had faced such an issue.

Over the ten years of operating her tanning salon, Burney has had to close down beds five times due to customers urinating on them. She admits that this problem is more common than she initially anticipated when she decided to become a salon owner. Burney believes that many other tanning salons also face this recurring issue, which requires extra effort to clean up and ensure the beds remain clean and safe for the next customer.

After the incident, Burney took to Facebook to express her frustration and warn other customers about the consequences of such behavior. She made it clear that anyone caught urinating on their sunbeds would be instantly banned from the shop. The incident not only left her salon with a tarnished image but also raised questions about why anyone would find it acceptable to urinate on an electric sunbed.

Tanning salons should provide a pleasant and hygienic environment for customers, allowing them to indulge in self-care. It’s important for everyone to be respectful and considerate when using these facilities. The incident serves as a reminder that proper etiquette should be maintained to uphold the standards of tanning salons and ensure a positive experience for all customers.