America’s favorite space mom, June Lockhart, is still beautiful at 97

June Lockhart has been an icon in the entertainment industry for almost 80 years. She has played various roles that she is famous for and has led an incredible life. It’s hard to believe it, but June Lockhart will turn 98 this year, on June 25th.

June Lockhart, still beautiful at 97

A Career to Remember

The actress has had an iconic career, with famous performances in shows like Lost in Space and Lassie – she always provided a spark to her various shows! June got her start in show business at a very young age, making an appearance in A Christmas Carol with her parents in 1938. Since then, her career has been on an upward trajectory.

Iconic Performances

Lockhart’s most iconic performances involved her playing a mother. She played the mother of Timmy Martin on the hit show Lassie. She did true justice to the role and earned critical acclaim due to it. Another one of her iconic performances came with her role as Dr. Maureen Robinson in Lost in Space, which was another hit show. She was the matriarchal figure on the show, who took care of not only the family’s nutritional needs but also the construction they needed in their travels.

Unforgettable Connections

During her time filming Lost in Space, she became close with her television show son, played by iconic actor Bill Mumy. Mumy shared that Lockhart carried around with her a picture of an artist you would never expect; David Bowie!

Apart from her roles which made her iconic, there is another reason why June Lockhart will go down in history books as a true icon. She has not one but two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! She received one star for her work in motion pictures and the other for her work on television! She was also bestowed with the Exceptional Public Achievement Medal by NASA to appreciate her efforts in helping the public become more interested in space.

A Legacy Continues

June Lockhart has had an active career for almost eight decades. She has played roles in iconic shows like Grey’s Anatomy, 7th Heaven, and General Hospital, among others. She has two daughters with her marriage to John Maloney. The couple was married for 8 years, from 1951 to 1959. Their daughters Anne Lockhart and Lizabeth Lockhart are both actresses.

Still Going Strong

June Lockhart continues to inspire fans of all ages with her enduring beauty and talent. As an actress, June has had an immense cultural impact and is practically a household name. Today, she lives in California and despite not making any public appearances since 2015, she remains active and working.

In one of her latest interviews, she reflected on her life and gave an update on how she felt. June remarked, ”I used to think 90, gosh, that’s old. But I feel 55. I’m very fortunate to still be active and working.”

A True Icon

June Lockhart is truly an inspiration. She has outlived almost everyone in Hollywood and has maintained a clean slate, free from scandal. Share this article about June Lockhart to show your friends and family that she still looks great at 97 – a true Hollywood legend!