Terrible First Dates That Will Make You Cringe

First dates can be nerve-wracking and full of uncertainty. You never really know if you’ll hit it off with the person or how to act. Sometimes, though, things go terribly wrong, leaving you questioning whether you want to laugh or cry. We’ve compiled a list of the most disastrous first date stories that will surely make you cringe!

A Date to Forget

One Reddit user, Westonworld, shared her worst date experience: “He insisted on paying for our dinner instead of going Dutch, and then completely stiffed the server. When I tried to leave a tip, he got angry because he believed it was his decision to tip or not.” Failing to tip the server can be incredibly embarrassing and disrespectful. Thank goodness it was just one date!

The Crazy Driver

Another user, DopeCharma, recounted their terrifying encounter: “She took her hands off the wheel and said, ‘You think I’m craaazzyy?!’ I immediately jumped out at the next red light.” It’s truly a frightening situation when you’re on a date with someone you barely know. Let’s hope that was a one-time occurrence!

Challenging Stereotypes

ShatteredKitkat shared her nightmare first date story, saying, “He claimed that women were stupid and would believe anything he told them. Little did he know, I am a woman.” It must have been quite challenging to keep her temper intact during that annoying first date. Kudos to her for handling it well!

“Free Food” Contact

One user named Sol-Blackguy had a particularly awful experience: “I went on a date with a woman from the office. We seemed to have good chemistry and got along well. But when she couldn’t find her phone, I tried calling it, and someone at the restaurant answered. Turns out, I was saved in her contacts under ‘Free Food’.” Talk about feeling used and deceived! It’s even more awkward when you work together.

Awkward Discussions

Another Reddit user, wr_gix, shared an uncomfortable dining experience: “The girl spent the first half of the dinner date talking about her irritable bowel syndrome and then abruptly switched to discussing her love for God after we finished our main course.” Yikes! Not exactly ideal conversation topics for a first date.

A Bad Taste in Their Mouths

These stories of intense and horrible first dates can leave anyone with a bad taste in their mouth. Have you ever experienced a date like these? Share your thoughts and let us know which story you think is the worst in the comments!