Warning: Teens Getting High on Nutmeg: A Concern for Parents

Mom warns teens getting baked from nutmeg, spice releases toxic substance

A recent TikTok clip shared by a concerned Georgia mother has gone viral, raising awareness about a dangerous trend among teenagers. It seems that some kids are getting high by sniffing nutmeg, a common spice found in most kitchen cupboards. But what they may not realize is that nutmeg intoxication can be hazardous and potentially fatal when consumed in large quantities.

The video, which has been viewed by almost 600,000 internet users, shows the mother expressing her astonishment at this new trend. She shares a story told to her by a teacher friend who discovered small bottles of nutmeg during a routine backpack check at school. The students claimed it was for a culinary class, but the teacher learned that this was not true. The school’s resource officer confiscated the nutmeg and took appropriate action against the students involved.

Mother discussing nutmeg sniffing trend

According to Medical News Today, consuming large amounts of nutmeg can result in a “high” similar to that of some hallucinogenic drugs. This is because nutmeg contains a chemical compound called myristicin, which is metabolized by the body into a psychedelic drug known as methylenedioxyamphetamine (MMDA). Symptoms of nutmeg intoxication include drowsiness and hallucinations. It’s important to note that nutmeg poisoning can have serious consequences.

While the TikTok video has brought attention to this issue, some people have shared that nutmeg sniffing is not a new phenomenon. It was popular among some individuals even in the past, and there have been warnings about its toxicity for years. The Encyclopedia of Toxicology mentions that nutmeg seeds were historically used for medicinal purposes, including inducing menstruation and treating various ailments. However, these uses should not be confused with the dangerous practice of using nutmeg to get high.

Experience with nutmeg intoxication

As parents, we must stay informed and vigilant about the challenges our children face. It is crucial to have open conversations with our kids about the dangers of substance abuse, whether it be through drugs, alcohol, or, as seen in this case, uncommon practices like nutmeg sniffing. Let’s spread the word and educate others so that we can protect our loved ones from harm.

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