Mom And Dad Shared The Same Middle Name, So They Gave It To All Of Their Kids Too

A heartwarming family tradition has recently been revealed by a mom and her boyfriend on TikTok. Alexandria Roy, 26, proudly shared with her 284,000 followers that her entire family has the same middle name – Lauren.

While it may seem like a coincidence that Alexandria and her boyfriend, Deven, share the same middle name, it was actually a deliberate decision for them to give their three children the same middle name as well. They wanted to create a sense of unity and tradition within their family.

Their two daughters, Scarlett Lauren and Sapphire Lauren, and son Maverick Lauren, all proudly carry the middle name, and their forthcoming child will also be given the middle name Lauren, regardless of gender, continuing the family tradition.

Lauren, traditionally a male name with Latin and French origins, has evolved to become a unisex name. In recent decades, it has become more commonly given to girls in the United States, especially among the younger generation.

Although statistics show that there are approximately sixty people named Lauren out of every one hundred thousand Americans, this count does not include middle names. Therefore, the unique middle name tradition of Alexandria Lauren Roy and her family sets them apart from the statistical norm.

Unfortunately, there have been critics who have been harsh towards Alexandria for naming all her children with the same middle name. Yet, she confidently addressed her critics with a video response, lip-syncing to the words “I don’t care.”

In the caption of the video, she expressed, “Let me enjoy the shared middle name between my children, their dad, and myself.” This five-second video went viral with over ten million views, bringing much attention to the young mother and her family.

Many supporters joined the conversation, highlighting that it is only the middle name that is shared among Alexandria’s children. Others shared their own experiences, revealing that they and their siblings also carry the same names, but with different first names.

In response to those questioning the significance of middle names, one viewer agreed, “We’re talking about middle names here. I don’t get the problem. My middle name has been passed down four generations.”

On Instagram, Alexandria further shared the story of how she and Deven discovered their shared middle name. She wrote, “Deven thought I was kidding when we started dating and I told him we had the same middle name.” It was a special moment of connection and meant to be.

This heartfelt family tradition of sharing the same middle name is indeed a beautiful way for Alexandria’s family to celebrate their unity and create a lasting legacy for generations to come.