**Granddaughter Found Her Grandparents’ Wedding Gift Cheap**

Jen and her husband, both in their 70s, have five grandchildren – three granddaughters and two grandsons. They have always been there for their grandkids, ready to support them whenever needed.

Recently, their youngest granddaughter, Eloise, got married. As per their tradition, Jen and her husband would buy the cheapest item on the wedding registry and give the newlyweds a generous $40,000 gift. It was a tradition they had kept a secret from everyone until now.

However, when Eloise received her gift, she accused her grandparents of being cheap. “An air fryer? That’s the cheapest thing you could find on my registry!” she said. Jen, thinking it was a practical gift, tried to explain its usefulness. But Eloise was disappointed and felt embarrassed by the gift.

Frustrated by Eloise’s reaction, Jen finally revealed that they had planned to give her a $40,000 check the day before the wedding. The argument heated up, and Eloise hung up on her grandparents, feeling hurt and unloved.

A week later, Eloise called again after learning that her grandparents had indeed given $40,000 to every grandchild on their wedding day. She questioned why she didn’t receive anything.

Her grandparents explained that they decided not to give her the money because of her initial reaction. They felt it wasn’t right to reward her behavior. Eloise pleaded with them, saying she didn’t mean it and it was just stress from wedding planning.

Jen responded, “It wasn’t about the air fryer, Eloise. It was how you spoke to us, the disrespect. That’s not something we expected or can support.”

Eloise, in tears, pleaded with her grandparents to forget the incident and give her the money. She even threatened not to attend Christmas, claiming that they were excluding her. But Jen assured her that they loved her dearly and their decision was not about cutting her off. They simply hoped Eloise would reflect on her actions and understand the value of family and love over material things.

Another Story from TikTok about a Grandmother Who Doesn’t Bring Gifts

DeeDee, from the TikTok account MoreThanGrand, has been sharing advice for new parents and grandparents. One of her posts created quite a stir on the social media platform.

DeeDee, who lives far away from her family, revealed that she only sees her grandchildren a few times a year. As a grandmother, she made a conscious decision not to constantly buy gifts for her grandchildren. She considered herself “cheap” and didn’t want to waste money on things that would be cast aside.

But her main reason for this decision was to create excitement around her visits. DeeDee wanted to be more than just the gift-giving grandmother; she wanted to provide emotional support and be remembered for the time they spent together. She would often read to her grandkids and play board games, leaving the games behind so that they would anticipate her return.

Opinions about DeeDee’s approach varied. Some criticized her, claiming it was wrong, while others praised her for focusing on creating a stronger bond.

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