A Father’s Unconditional Love

Growing up poor and working as a laborer, Idris never wanted his children to feel ashamed of him. He kept his job a secret, even from his daughters. When they asked about his occupation, he hesitantly told them that he was a laborer. But Idris had bigger dreams for his girls. He wanted to give them an education and a chance at a better life.

To provide for his daughters’ education, Idris sacrificed everything. He would take a bath at public toilets before going home, to hide the nature of his work. He would spend every penny he earned buying books for his girls, instead of buying new clothes for himself. All he wanted was respect for his daughters, so they wouldn’t be looked down upon like he was.

But life wasn’t always easy for Idris. One day, on the eve of his youngest daughter’s college admission, he couldn’t gather enough money for her admission fees. Sitting beside a pile of rubbish, he felt heartbroken and defeated. His co-workers watched him, but no one offered any help. He didn’t know how to face his daughter and tell her he had failed.

But then something incredible happened. After work, all the cleaners came to Idris, sat beside him, and asked if he considered them as brothers. Before he could answer, they each handed him their day’s income. They were willing to go hungry that day so that his daughter could go to college. Idris was speechless and couldn’t refuse their generosity. He went back home that day feeling blessed by true brotherhood.

Now, years later, Idris’ oldest daughter is about to finish her university education. His daughters don’t let him work anymore. They have found their own ways to support themselves and their father. His oldest daughter even takes him to his old workplace and feeds all his co-workers. When asked why she does it, she replies, “You all starved for me, so I can become who I am today. Pray for me, so I can feed you all every day.”

Idris’ story is one of unconditional love, sacrifice, and the power of education. This heartfelt tale was shared by Bangladeshi journalist GMB Akash on his Facebook page, and it has touched the hearts of thousands of people since then. GMB Akash believes that as a photographer, he has a responsibility to bring the stories of the voiceless to the forefront.

Through his photography, GMB Akash has received over 100 international awards and has been featured in renowned publications like National Geographic, Time, and The Guardian. For him, capturing the experiences and identities of people like Idris gives purpose and meaning to his life.

This story reminds us of the power of a parent’s love and the impact it can have on their children’s lives. Idris’ selflessness has changed the course of his daughters’ futures, and they will forever be grateful for his sacrifices.