I Stood Up for My Little Sister and Kicked Out My Dad and His Pregnant Wife

Losing a parent is an incredibly difficult experience at any age. It can take years for some people to come to terms with the fact that their parent is no longer with them. One Reddit member shared their own story of losing their mother and what happened afterward.

Three years ago, this person’s mother passed away, and their father remarried just six months later. While it was understandable that their father wanted to move on, it was hard for them and their 16-year-old sister to accept that he had moved on so quickly.

What made it even more difficult was the fact that their new stepmother moved into their family home, which had previously belonged to their late mother. The stepmother decided to remove all the photos of their mother and placed them in the sister’s room. This was a painful blow for the 16-year-old, who was already struggling with the loss of her mother.

In an attempt to distract herself from the grief, the sister decided to throw a 16th birthday party. She had the party while their father and stepmother were on vacation. She invited her friends over and they had a great time. However, things took a turn for the worse when the father and pregnant stepmother returned home earlier than expected and saw the number of guests.

The stepmother became furious and demanded that everyone leave. She started yelling about how the house was not a party venue and how the sister shouldn’t have hosted a party there, even though the father had given his permission for the celebration.

During the argument, the stepmother kicked the 16-year-old out of the house and sent her to her aunt’s house, not realizing that the property now belonged to the Reddit member. When they found out what had happened, they were understandably furious. They couldn’t believe that their father had allowed his wife to kick their grieving sister out of the house.

The Reddit member made a difficult decision but one they felt was necessary. They told their father and stepmother that they had one week to leave the house, regardless of how hard it might be for them. In response, their father called them spoiled and threatened to challenge their mother’s will.

However, the Reddit member believed that their father should have protected their younger sister and not allowed their stepmother to treat her the way she did. The Reddit community agreed, supporting the member’s decision to kick their father and stepmother out of the house.

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