Couple Wanted to Have a Baby for 6 Years Yet When the Woman Got Pregnant the Man Ran Away

After years of trying, a 26-year-old woman finally became pregnant. But when she shared the news with her boyfriend on his 30th birthday, his response was far from what she expected.

The woman had been in a relationship with her boyfriend for ten years, and both had been eager to start a family. So, when she found out she was pregnant, she couldn’t contain her joy.

However, her excitement quickly turned to shock when she announced the news to her boyfriend. Instead of sharing in her happiness, he became angry, yelling at her and ruining his own birthday party. He even asked everyone to leave and disappeared for ten days.

Distressed and confused, the woman turned to Reddit for support. And she received an overwhelmingly negative response towards her boyfriend’s behavior. People urged her to see this reaction as a warning sign and advised her to leave the relationship.

When her boyfriend finally returned, they had a serious conversation. It was then that he confessed he had been looking for a way to end their relationship for a while and had even developed an interest in someone else. He even offered her money to have an abortion.

The woman made a brave decision. She refused to terminate the pregnancy and told him that she would raise the child on her own if she had to. In response, he gave her two weeks to move out, leaving her to find a new place to live.

Fortunately, a co-worker in another state offered her a place to stay as a roommate. She took the opportunity and started rebuilding her life away from her ex-boyfriend.

As she shared her story on Reddit, many readers expressed their support for her. They believed she made the right decision in standing up for herself and her unborn child. They were also critical of her ex-boyfriend’s actions.

The incident served as a wake-up call for the woman. She realized the importance of standing up for herself and not allowing others to mistreat her. However, some people in her life didn’t understand or support her newfound strength, claiming that she had changed.

Despite the challenges she faced, the woman received words of encouragement from Redditors who sympathized with her. They recognized that her boyfriend didn’t have to pretend to want a child and commended her for refusing to let go of her baby.

Ultimately, this woman’s story teaches us the importance of self-respect and standing up for what we believe in. No one should ever be made to feel like a doormat, and the journey of motherhood should be celebrated and supported.