A Wedding Snub

Dad kicks son out of the house after he was excluded from the young man's wedding

A Loving Gesture Turns Sour

In a heartwarming gesture, a father in New Jersey bought a four-bedroom house in Pennsylvania for his son, Mark, to live in after college. The father, John, saw it as a way to support his son’s future and maintain a close bond with him. Everything was going well until Mark met the love of his life, Lisa, and decided to make the Pennsylvania house their shared home.

The couple seemed to blend perfectly with each other’s families. However, during an engagement celebration, things took a turn for the worse. Mark’s mother, daughter, and Lisa’s family all entered the house together. However, Mark’s mother and daughter emerged upset, revealing that they had been uninvited to the wedding. Lisa’s family believed they were of a different social status and didn’t want them at the wedding.

Upon learning of this, John drove to Pennsylvania to talk with Mark. However, he was shocked to find Lisa and her family occupying the residence. They had moved in without Mark’s knowledge or permission.

Feeling disrespected and disregarded, John made a decision. He informed them that they had 30 days to vacate the house and that he was going to sell it. Mark was caught off guard when Lisa called him at work to inform him of the situation. She believed the house belonged to Mark, not his father.

John justified his decision by saying that since Mark had distanced himself from the family, he was no longer entitled to live in the house rent-free. He gave them a notice and warned of legal action if necessary.

When this story was shared on Reddit, many people supported John’s decision, agreeing that he was justified in kicking out Mark, Lisa, and her family. The comments section was filled with various perspectives on the matter.

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