The Story of the Eleventh Husband

Once upon a time, there was a lawyer who fell in love with a woman who had been married and divorced ten times. Curious about her previous marriages, the lawyer asked her about her experiences. Little did he know that her response would leave him both puzzled and amused.

On the night of their wedding, the woman turned to her new husband and said, “Please be gentle, I’m still a virgin.” Confused by her statement, the lawyer couldn’t help but question her.

“How can that be?” he asked. “You’ve been married ten times before!”

The woman chuckled and began to explain her previous husbands, each with their unique quirks and professions.

The first husband was a sales representative, always hyping up their intimate moments with promises of greatness. The second husband worked in software services, often unsure of how things were supposed to function but promised to figure it out eventually.

The third husband came from field services, diagnosing the issues but struggling to fix the problem entirely. The fourth husband worked in telemarketing, who despite having the order, never knew when he could actually deliver.

The fifth husband was an engineer, passionate about developing a new state-of-the-art method but needed three years of research and implementation. The sixth husband was unsure if it was his responsibility or not, being from finance and administration.

The seventh husband worked in marketing, always uncertain about how to position the relationship. The eighth husband, being a psychologist, would endlessly talk about improving their physical connection.

The ninth husband was a gynecologist, whose only interest was observing rather than satisfying their intimate bond. Lastly, the tenth husband was a stamp collector, a quirky partner who the woman dearly missed.

After listing her previous experiences, the woman turned to her lawyer husband with excitement. “But now that I’ve married you, I’m really excited!” she exclaimed.

Puzzled, the lawyer inquired, “Why? I’m a lawyer, after all.”

The woman smirked and replied, “Exactly! This time, I know I’m going to get screwed!”

And so, the lawyer laughed heartily, realizing that their relationship was about to take a unique and playful turn.