Living an Affordable Life as a Single Mom

Single Mom Shows How She Lives On Just $75 Per Month

Being an adult can be challenging, especially when you have bills, chores, and responsibilities to juggle. And it gets even tougher for parents. However, one incredible single mother named Michelle “MJ” Boyle has found a way to live on just $75 per month while taking care of her two children.

As a single mom, MJ works double shifts and takes on multiple jobs to meet all her responsibilities. Despite facing many challenges, she refuses to let anything stop her from giving her children the best life possible. She wants to show them that they can not only provide for their loved ones but also become role models for a good life.

To overcome her financial obstacles, MJ came up with a brilliant idea. Instead of paying exorbitant rent for a home, she decided to build her own. She realized that her rental property in Sherwood, Oregon, was costing her a whopping $1,600 per month. This expense, combined with her other financial obligations, proved to be overwhelming. Building her own home allowed her to drastically cut down her monthly expenses.

MJ’s life changed after her divorce, which resulted in her losing both her homes. Additionally, her children will soon be heading off to college, which comes with significant costs. In order to provide her children with a great education, MJ made the decision to switch up her living arrangements and reduce her monthly expenses. This way, she could allocate more money towards her children’s college funds.

“I have been divorced twice. I have built two houses, and I lost the houses basically in the carnage of my divorces.”

By building a tiny home, MJ was able to achieve two goals: she reduced her living expenses and had more money to invest in her children’s education and her own retirement. She named her home “empty nest,” reflecting her current life circumstances.

MJ’s first home was built using cash and sponsorships, ensuring that she would have a comfortable, mortgage-free abode once she retires. She plans to build a few more tiny houses, which she intends to rent out on platforms like Airbnb or VRBO, creating additional income.

Now, MJ proudly claims that she has managed to bring her monthly expenses down to just $75. Her determination and resourcefulness are truly commendable!